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Measuring Instruments - EZiCAT i750 Cable and Pipe Detector

Professional service and support are hallmarks of the Allen Associates offering in survey and QA instrumentation.

It is with pleasure we announce a cutting edge GeoMax Test and Measurement product – the intelligent EZiCAT i750 Cable and Pipe Locator.

EZiCAT i750 Cable and Pipe Locator

Calling All Plumbers and Electricians

Finding and identifying underground services can be laborious, and resorting to hit and miss excavation may be really expensive.

With the EZiCAT i750 Cable and Pipe Locator, you avoid costly detection methods and the well-known risks - neighbourhoods in darkness or water spouts like Yellowstone’s Old Faithful.

EZiCAT joins the fleet of solutions on offer for plumbers, electricians, and civil engineers who need to look beyond the surface.


• Seamless communication

The EZiCAT i750 is the first locator to communicate seamlessly through Bluetooth® and is compatible with 94% of mobile devices.

• Capture with GPS/GNSS

This revolutionary instrument is equipped with on-board data storage and GPS/GNSS positioning. The data logging feature records every second and tags the locators’ activity with a geographical position.

Data can then be uploaded onsite via mobile device and sent back to the office for post processing analysis.

• Data transfer via LOGiCAT VU

Using the LOGiCAT VU app, the data transferred back to the office helps identify a need for further training and ensures traceability following a near miss, utility strike or similar incident.

• Automatic Detection

EZiCAT locators automatically detect and adapt to signals coming from buried utilities, removing the hassle of having to manually adjust sensitivity controls.

• Depth Measuring

Used in conjunction with the EZiTEX signal transmitter or sonde, the EZiCAT i750 features utility depth indication – determining the depth of a buried utility down to 3 metres.

• Hazard Zone Function - Shallow Utilities Recognition

Utilities buried close to the surface pose a safety risk to site works. The Hazard Zone function alerts users to an immediate danger by providing an additional warning of proximity to buried services. This safety feature is standard on all models.

EZiCAT i750 Applications

The EZiCAT i750 saves time and money by reducing cable strikes, and increases on-site safety through its unique 'Automatic Pinpointing' feature.

Use the locator to detect a number of different cables or pipes:

  • Electricity cables,
  • Data / telecomms cables,
  • Conductive pipes (steel, cast iron etc.),
  • Non-conductive pipes or cables (clay, concrete etc.) when used in conjunction. with Cable Detection's accessories and/or EZiTEX signal transmitters to detect them.

Allen Associates – Test and Measuring Instruments South Africa

For a demonstration of the pioneering EZiCAT i750, contact Allens now! To find out more, pending a rent or buy decision, view the well-illustrated brochure or call our friendly sales-team.

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