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Trimble R6 GPS System sale to Cata Gold Mine, Tanzania

Allen Associates welcomes their customers to 2017, wishing all of the best for the year ahead.

Surveying equipment sold to Cata Gold Mine in Mara, Tanzania

Starting the year off with a bang

Allen Associates have started the year with the supply to Tanzania of a Trimble R6 GPS System for the Cata Gold Mine, with training taking place in the coming week in Musoma.

The Cata Gold Mine, located in Mara Region, Tanzania stands out as a user of modern and advanced technology in the area.

Mara is now known for its richness in gold resources due to the performance of another gold mine in North Mara which is operated by Acacia Mining Plc.

Trimble R6 GPS System

The Trimble R6 GPS System comprises an advanced Trimble R6 GPS/GNSS receivers, Trimble TSC3 controller, Trimble field software, and the new Trimble Business Centre office software.

Additionally, the system offers:

  • A 220-channel system with Trimble R-Track satellite tracking technology.
  • Industry-leading GNSS positioning with GPS L2C, L5, and QZSS.
  • Fully upgradable so you can choose the level of GNSS support that suits your needs today and upgrade as your requirements grow.
  • Choose the type of communications to best fit your needs.
  • Pair with Trimble Access and the Trimble TSC3, Trimble Tablet, or Trimble CU for the most flexible field solution.

Positioning Instruments and Surveying Equipment South Africa

Furthermore, sales of GPS and Troxler equipment in support of mining and civil engineering in Africa, include:

  • Zimbabwe Diamond Mining;
  • Eritrea Gold Mining;
  • Hotazel Manganese Mine;
  • Botswana Engineering;
  • Mozambique Hydrology;
  • Angola and Zambia Civil Engineering.
  • Kenya Titanium Mining

Moreover, training often associated with the GPS/GNSS systems was offered, where requested, in languages other than English.

Trimble South Africa

Trimble instruments are used in over 150 countries around the world and offer cutting-edge positioning technologies.

Allen Associates are recognised distributors of all Trimble instruments, and a one-stop resource for all positioning and surveying equipment in South Africa.

If we do not have what you are looking for - we will gladly source it quickly and economically.

For more information about the products we distribute, please contact us.

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