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AquaVentures acquires ichthyology professional, Simon Daniel, M.Sc.

Recently, AquaVentures acquired the professional services of ichthyology professional, Simon Daniel, M.Sc.

Simon received his B.Sc. (Zoology) from the University of Cape Town and after B.Sc. Honors at Rhodes University (Ichthyology and Fisheries Science), his M.Sc. followed in 2002. A seasoned consultant with aqua and agri-project management experience across the continent he brings a wealth of expertise to AquaVentures, franchisor for AquaCentres aquaculture and aquaponics farms.

AquaVentures - Simon Daniel

AquaVentures - Aquaponics and Aquaculture South Africa

AquaVentures provides turnkey solutions in the establishment of viable enterprises which merge natural science, technology and management techniques to achieve target efficiencies and outcomes in a competitive market.

With alarm-bells ringing as wild fishing stocks reach depletion levels, and population growth underscores attention to food security, informed agriculturalists embrace technologies offered by Allen Associates in support of vital protein and fresh vegetable supplies.

The Allen Associates CIAC system, backbone to the AquaVentures philosophy, automates the entire farm process through monitoring and control, pro-actively informing management of incipient deviations from standards before a harvest is lost or quality compromised.

With aquaponics utilising a fraction of the water, fertilizer and power requirements associated with traditional farming methods, besides a minimal footprint in land occupancy, it certainly ticks the boxes in South Africa today. And should we not include community upliftment and employment opportunities amongst those boxes?

Allen Associates wishes Simon every success as his career unfolds.

For more information about the CIAC aquaculture system, please contact us.

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