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Geoserve - Surveying Instruments and Geo-Informatics

In recent news, Allen Associates have made connection with the Malawian surveying instruments and geo-informatics firm, Geoserve.

Geoserve operates in the Southern African Region, with its Head Office in Malawi.

GEOSERVE - surveying equipment and geo-informatics

Bridging the Gap between sustainable development and management of resources

Geoserve offer high quality geo-information services and allied technology products using their experienced specialists to the corporate, government agencies, private businesses and NGOs for sustainable development and management of resources in an economical way to their clients.

The main geo-information technologies promoted by Geoserve include:

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS);
  • Remote Sensing (RS);
  • Global Positioning System (GPS);
  • Land & Engineering surveying;
  • Physical and environmental planning;
  • Database Development Systems (DBDS);
  • Information Technology;
  • and geo-information capacity building.

Additionally, Geoserve are vigorously involved in application development for solving problems related to:

  • Information communication technology;
  • Utility and facility management strategies;
  • Resource management;
  • Training of professionals;
  • and decision makers on the use of geo-information.

Furthermore, Geoserve is led by geo-information, engineering and project management experts with several years of experience, and they are also associated with a pool of professionals which blend with their in-house experts.

Survey, Geo-informatics, Planning and Production

There are four main elements to the activities of Geoserve and these are Survey, Geo-informatics, Planning and Production.

The services offered are as follows among other associated fields:


  • Geo-Marketing consulting and planning;
  • Asset Management (Fleet and Remote Areas Monitoring);
  • Geographic Information Systems and Geo-database development;
  • Application development and Information Technology;
  • Land surveying and mapping;
  • Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing;
  • Physical and Environmental planning;
  • Equipment sales, rentals, services and repairs;
  • Engineering Consulting & Project Management.

Allen Associates – Surveying Equipment and Instruments South Africa

Allen Associates is pleased to have made connection with Geoserve, and look forward to building a long-standing and prosperous affiliation.

For more information about our surveying equipment and services, please contact us.

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