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TrimbleTS Series Building Construction Surveying Layout

total stationsThe Trimble TS800, TS600, and TS215 are rugged mechanical total stations designed to meet the unique needs of concrete and general contractors performing building construction surveying layout and alignment.

These Total Station survey instruments increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability; and give you greater control of all your projects.

These land survey instruments offer:

  • Measurement accuracy that empowers you to handle every part of the job yourself
  • Nikon optics for clear and precise aiming
  • Rugged hardware that ensures reliable performance on the job site every day
  • Proven, easy-to-use onboard software
  • Efficient power usage for productive field time

Instruments in the TS Series optimally can be partnered with the Trimble LM80 Layout Manager for enhanced graphic display and further layout capabilities.

TS600 Advanced Features

The TS600 offers features unequalled by other surveying instruments in its class:

  • Long-range reflectorless DR (Direct Reflex) enables one person to measure up to 300 m without a prism
  • A laser plummet and Class 2 laser pointer assist measurements in challenging lighting
  • Trimble onboard software delivers powerful construction-specific layout programs
  • A customizable, illuminated display provides easy operation in any field environment
  • Convenient Bluetooth wireless connection to the Trimble LM80 Layout Manager

The TS600 is ideal for building construction jobs such as:

  • Layout of: Building features such as lines and arcs; concrete forms and footers; structural steel components; verticals for building façade construction
  • Setting project control and building offsets
  • Performing topographic data collection and cut/fill stakeout
  • Checking surveyor and subcontractor results

Please see the datasheets and request a quote on any Total Station

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