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Digital Theodolite Zipp02 rugged land survey instrument

With vertical axis compensation and 2-second accuracy, the Geomax Zipp02 Digital Theodolite provides highly accurate angle measurements for general construction survey  tasks.

This land survey tool features a laser plummet, different display modes, various measurement units and vertical axis compensation, making the Zipp02 digital theodolite ideal for checking angles, alignments, grade work and short range leveling.

GeoMax Digital Theodolite Zippo 02 Features:

GeoMax Digital Theodolite 

Automatic Vertical Compensator

Featuring an automatic vertical axis compensator that can be turned on or off, this advanced optical surveying instrument is capable of correcting vertical angles for small tilt errors.

The Zipp 02 electronic theodolite also has high-quality telescope with 30x magnification so surveyors can view clear images and perform different positioning techniques.

Laser Plummet

Even though this Geomax theodolite comes with a plumb bob, its built-in laser plummet and detachable tribrach enable you to set it up over a point faster and easier.

Additional Features

The Zipp02 digital transit provides various display modes and measurement units that best suits you.

Land surveyors can also hold and set zero for horizontal angle and perform simple distance measurement via stadia lines.

Easy Operation

With large, dual backlit display, six keys and illuminated reticle, this surveying equipment provides clear angle readings and allows construction professionals to work in low light conditions.

Dust and Water Resistant

The Geomax Zipp 02 withstands the harshest job site environment with its IP-54 rating for dust and water protection.

Powered by rechargeable NiMH battery or replacement alkaline batteries, this survey tool operates up to 36 hours on a single charge.

This Geomax theodolite package comes with a hard carrying case, detachable tribrach, plumb bob, tools set, rechargeable battery, battery charger, alkaline battery holder and 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

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