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FieldGenius Version 7

From the MicroSurvey stable, the GeoMax branded version 7 of FieldGenius construction survey equipment features a redesigned stakeout routine, easier, faster project workflows and enhanced connection capabilities.

GeoMax Layout Pro 2 allows surveyors to layout points easily and accurately and using the as-built mode, existing lines and features can be logged at the job site.

Subtle changes and new features in the survey equipment

Bold navigation text, enhanced graphics and a compass view on GeoMax FieldGenius intuitively and quickly navigates users to each stakeout point.

Settings for new survey projects are centralised and can be saved as defaults for speedy and easy access. The latest Bluetooth technology automatically re-establishes the communication link to equipment when needed.

Using GeoMax Layout, information from paper drawings can be added in the field and quick routines make locating points using compass, grid or map views a simple exercise.

Designed with logical menus and toolbars and an advanced display, the survey software supports small handheld data collectors or tablet devices.

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