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Accurate Moisture Measurement with Tramex Meters

Allen Associates is one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of measuring and surveying instruments. Our catalogue includes an extensive range of equipment ranging from financial calculators and construction lasers to density gauges and measuring wheels.

One of the most functional pieces of equipment that we have in our catalogue is the Tramex Meter. This phenomenal tool allows you to measure moisture in various areas of the field and through various mediums.

moisture meter South Africa

Tramex Moisture Meter Readings

The versatility of this product makes it perfect for use in a variety of industries, including building inspection, flooring installation, damp repair, pest control and surveying.

With extreme accuracy, the Tramex moisture meter is able to measure moisture in wood, timber, drywall, roofing, plaster, tiles, and brick without causing any structural damage to these materials.

The large display screen makes it easy to read the fast results provided by the tool. However, if you are in a situation that makes it difficult to access the display, then you are able to freeze the reading for later analysis.

To make things even easier, Tramex has launched their Moisture Mapping App which allows you to map and present your results visually and with ease.

The Tramex meter increases its functionality by offering five sensitivity ranges for different materials and has a signal penetration of between 10mm and 30mm, thereby providing comprehensive and accurate readings.

This powerful tool will allow you to measure moisture-related issues within buildings, compare surface and core moisture levels, map moisture damage in a building, and monitor progressive drying conditions.

Allen Associates – Suppliers of Measuring and Surveying Equipment South Africa

At Allen Associates, you will find all the best brands under one roof. We have made it our life’s work to supply the highest quality, most functional and accurate surveying and measuring equipment in South Africa.

To find out more about the Tramex meter, or to learn more about any of our other products, please feel free to contact us.

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