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QBL, QBL125 and QBL125S Pipe Lasers

pipe laserQL125 pipe laser 2QL125 lasers are designed and built in Germany to very high standards.

Designed for use when space is limited, the short length means the laser can be used in tight bends and narrow manholes. Minimum pipe diameter is 125mm

The robust cast aluminium housing is a common feature of QBL‘s pipe lasers. A sensitive sensor reliably compensates for external vibrations.

Other features include:


  • Clear Display
  • Waterproof and dust proof to IP68 rating
  • Automatic dual axis compensation
  • Convenient remote control with range of 100m, allows alignment at target side
  • 300m range
  • Accuracy 0.001%, display 0.001%
  • Grade range -15% to +45%


The QL125S has unique features:


  • Automatic target finding system
  • Vertical alignment beam allows easy alignment to range pole outside the trench
  • Vertical beam can also be detected with standard laser receiver.


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