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Delta Drone - UAV Drone and Equipment South Africa

As distributor of positioning-based solutions in southern Africa Allen Associates continually optimise the effectiveness of those solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations.

In line with far-sighted policy, Allen Associates announces a new supplier, Delta Drone.

Delta Drone - UAV Drone and equipment South Africa

Delta Drone Africa

Delta Drone, founded in 2011, is an established French UAV Drone and equipment manufacturer of commercial and civilian UAV drones for European and international use.

Key Delta Drone UAV products addressing an increasingly discerning market include:

  • The Delta H quadcopter
  • The Delta Y fixed-wing aircraft.

And Delta Drone enhancements to fine-tune the kit for disparate payloads:

  • Gyrostabilised gimbals;
  • Power lightening systems;
  • Lightweight fittings for sensors orientation.

While ground equipment makes for a well-rounded survey experience:

  • Rugged suitcases;
  • Ground control station with data-link external equipment;
  • Power accessories;
  • LCD screens and tripods for live remote vision;
  • Calibration targets;
  • Antenna trackers.

So with Delta Drone, Allen Associates aerial analysis solutions solve a variety of business applications more quickly and accurately in:

  • Agriculture
  • Hydrology
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Mining Topographic Survey & Imaging
  • Virtual Site Visits

Allen Associates – UAV Drone and Equipment South Africa

In keeping with a one-stop shop philosophy, Allens broadened offerings in aerial survey solutions ensure requirements are met within budget and timeously. This promise is echoed by industry leaders Trimble, Delta Drones and AerialPix.

Allen Associates survey solutions cover land, sea and air.

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