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Survey Equipment Training South Africa

Engineering Survey and Remote Data Acquisition

Allen Associates survey equipment training short courses go far in keeping companies ahead in the highly competitive civil engineering and construction industry.

Besides, as part of our skills transfer drive, community projects in aquaculture and aquaponics benefit from training aimed at food security and employment opportunities.

While traditional methods are reinforced, candidates receive instruction in today’s cutting-edge solutions associated with successful knowledge economies.

Courses are tailored to client profiles and conducted locally or at selected venues across Africa.

Allen Associates offers the following short courses:

Engineering Survey Induction and Refresher Courses

Special Applications and Software

Ionising and Non-ionising Radiation Courses under International Codes

Aquaculture and Aquaponics Beginners and Advanced Courses

  1. Levelling from sub-base to finished levels, with a difference
  2. GPS/GNSS Positioning for the empowered surveyor
  3. Theodolites and total stations from office to field
  4. HP Survey 35 and 50 - calculations made easy
  5. Hydrographic technology courses for the oceaneer
  6. Civil and construction cutting-edge technology
  7. Survey drone piloting and survey methods
  8. From Ceaser to Trimble Machine Control – you name it
  9. Safety and Operation – Certification for RPOs and Technicians
    • Geotechnical nuclear gauge soils and thin layer testing
    • Agricultural neutron probe safety and operation
    • Laser Safety Officer and technician theory and practice
  10. Ionising Radiation Internal Rules for compliant companies
  11. Home-study CDs and hands-on scientific mentoring
  12. Do-it-yourself establishment of automated RAS fish-farms

For more information about Allen's survey equipment training and science-based curriculum or supply of instruments, please contact us.

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